Choosing the Perfect Chandelier with Matching Pendants

Chandeliers are considered the crowning element in decorating. They add sparkle and class to any room. Matching pendants provide the finishing touch.

 A tastefully chosen chandelier can serve as the focal point of any room. There are many different styles to choose from depending on if your space is elegant or more casual. As you consider which chandelier is right for your room, it’s helpful to visualize not only what level of lighting you want in the area, but what mood you are trying to create.

 Adding Matching Pendants

 A nice way to tie a room together and give it a connected and finished look is to add one or more pendants which match the chandelier you have chosen. It’s nice to choose styles that are not exactly the same but bring in similar elements to compliment the chandelier.

 Most chandeliers are part of a collection of lighting fixtures which include pendants, wall sconces, flush mounts, and portables, to name just a few. While some of the collections are made to match almost exactly in style, others have common components that are put together in such a way as to compliment without an exact copy in style and detail.

Measure Your Space

 Another important factor to consider when shopping for a chandelier and matching pendants is the size of the room you are lighting. Chandeliers come in a wide range of sizes and it’s important not to get one that is too small or too large for your space. Look at the furniture in the room and factor that in as well when deciding on the size and placement of your lighting. If the ceilings are high you will need a larger lighting fixture, so consider choosing one of the multi-light options.

 Chandeliers come with a variety of chain lengths, some being adjustable and others with a set length. It’s a good idea to measure where the bottom of your chandelier will fall and consider keeping it at least 7 feet from the floor to avoid people bumping into it. This is especially important if the chandelier is not hanging directly over a table or another piece of furniture in an area that will have a lot of traffic. If the lighting fixture is hanging over a table, it should be centered and hang directly above the table. You may want to make sure that the bottom of your dining room chandelier hangs around 30 inches above your table.

 Top Selling Chandeliers with Matching Pendants

 Two of our top selling matching chandelier/pendant combinations are the Savvy Collection and the Crest Collection. While we offer many ornate chandeliers and matching pendants that are equally sought after, these two collections are popular because of their versatility in both elegant and more casual settings.

 The Savvy Collection

The Savvy Collection offers two chandeliers: the 12-Light Chandelier and the 9-Light Chandelier.


You should consider the amount of light you want and need in your space to choose the one that is right for you. Both of these chandeliers feature clear glass goblets which are supported by multiple arms of black and antique brass originating from a center collector. This collection is made even more unique by the vintage T14 spiral filament lamps which are supplied with each fixture.

The Savvy 5-Light Pendant is similar to the chandelier with the clear glass goblets supported by the black and antique brass arms, however in the pendant style, the goblets are downward facing. This pendant is a perfect matching compliment to either of the Savvy chandeliers.

Savvy 5-Light Pendant

 The Crest Collection

 The Crest Collection also offers two different chandeliers, one being a 4-light and the other a 6-light option. The stately lanterns of the Crest chandeliers are finished in oil rubbed bronze with contrasting antique brass clusters to provide a classic yet modern approach to lighting. Cast socket covers add an upscale element to this beautiful collection.

Crest 6-Light Chandelier above dining table

 The Crest Collection is different than the Savvy Collection in that the matching Crest pendants are a similar style which offer different elements that tie in beautifully with the chandeliers, without being an exact match. The pattern in the pendant is taken from the shape of the chandelier and is repeated throughout the shade of the two pendants which come in either a 4-light or 1-light option.


Enlist the Help of a Designer

Whether you are decorating a large elegant space or a smaller breakfast nook, it is always helpful to work with a designer who is familiar with the recommended specifications and the various options available to you. At GK Home & Yard we offer design consulting services to help you choose the chandeliers and matching pendants that will highlight your room and tie everything together in a lovely way. We offer a large variety of lighting fixtures and we are committed to helping you create a room and space that feels like home.